5 reasons why you are lost in the Academy

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5 reasons why you are lost in the academy

There are many reasons why one would claim to be lost in the academy especially in the four walls of a university. your being lost in the academy-university is not a big deal at all.

The reasons also cannot be far fetched as I have personally written down 5 reasons why you are lost in the academy or university you find yourself. After reading this article, I want to believe that one or more could be the reason why you are lost. And there we go the reasons are:

1. Poor foundation:

Those of you familiar with the Holy Bible will be familiar with the quotation “if the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous do? you see, this is a serious question. Now, I would put it this way if the foundation be destroyed what can the student do? I believe you can answer that question for yourself.

poor foundation has eaten deep like a canker worm leaving a debilitating effect in students confusion. One can trace this poor foundation to the times in high school when one did not take school word seriously. 

This line can also be traced to the times in lower grade for you can remember now that you did not take your homework or assignment seriously. Those neglected beginnings are causing you harm now.

2. I dont care attitude:

This is a very bad disease inherent in the mental make up of a student. This ugly syndrome will make student to believe they need not study, they need not stress themselves and other excuses.

They support themselves by comparing themselves with Mark Zuckerberg, Dangote, and many more who they think were “drop out” 

One can sincerely ask oneself “do i have something worthwhile I can fall back to if am planning on leaving school” or is something really driving me to leave school so that I can have time to explore the Idea?

I asked this question because Zuckerberg and Dangote whom you are copying had ideas of business but the school was a hell of stress for them that was why they had to leave the system. This singular action really paid them.

3. Refusal to speak up:

An old proverb says “two heads are better than one” also, “a problem shared is a problem half solved”. In the academy world, learn to share your problems whenever you have one. when you have any questions pertaining any course you do not understand you could simply walk up to someone who is good in that area. 

I bet you he or she will gladly teach you. I hear some people say “if i go to him now he will be feeling he is a scholar I better remain like that”. This is a very wrong decision.

When you ask for somebody’s hand in your problem there is a mutual benefit in that situation which is the fact that “the student or the person teaching will feel like he or she is better than you”. While the person being taught would have gained a lot. This is just great because both parties are benefiting a great deal.

4. Improper Orientation:

Many students do not even know what it means to be orientated before joining the academy. This is saddened for those who do not have parent because they will actually miss that parental orientation.

Some student in the academic environment were not properly oriented by their parent or guardian this can seriously affect them negatively. The assertion “if you are not informed, you would be deformed” clearly explain it all. In this information age I bet you if you are not informed in the academic world you would totally lost.

I could also use this medium to remind you that in every established institution there is always room for 100 level orientation which is very crucial at that stage.

I would implore you not to neglect this orientation because they may be the bed rock of your stay and motivation in the academy.

5. Low self esteem:

“I am just tired I cannot solve this problem myself”, “why am I always been rejected?” This are some of the questions and statement that come out of student that is lost especially in a student academy.

Many student do not understand that to some extent that they are the owner of themselves and if you begin to downgrade yourself no one would help you to upgrade it because in an academy there is total competition and no one wants you to be better than them.

Therefore, possessing low self esteem gives credit to your competitor in that academy. This can make you lost.

I would like to tell you categorically that this article concerning “5 reason why you are lost in the academy” cannot be exhausted. After reading, I want to believe that at least one of the reasons is true for you.

In the next article we would consider writing more reasons why you are lost in the academy.

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