50+ powerful and amazing key points to blast Jamb Biology

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Welcome to another edition of the poschools jamb tutorials and poschool hot topics In this Jamb tutorial series and hot topic series, I will be showing you important key points in Jamb Biology to help you blast Jamb Biology exam.

It should be noted that this key points was prepared based on hot topics set in Jamb Biology. This series will be released in a batch of 50 hot Biology questions from all Jamb Biology topics. 

This 50 points will cover some hot topics in Jamb Biology. Although, this key points in Jamb Biology will not be arranged topic by topic. Jamb Hot Key points will also be available for Chemistry,Biology,mathematics so its wise you keep in touch with poschools and follow up with this hot topic series

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Let’s get the ball rolling:

Key Points on Jamb Biology hot topics (1 to 10)

  1. Euglena is unicellular organism belonging to the eukaryotics.
  2. Euglena has both plant and animal characteristics. The plant characteristics of the euglena is the possession if choloroplast for photosynthesis.
  3. Water vapour and gases are transported along the stem of a plant with the help of the Xylem fibres.
  4. Nastic movement is the movement of plant in response to external stimuli of no particular direction.
  5. The guard cells of a dicot plant contain chloroplast while the epidermal cell does not.
  6. The Cerebellum is the part of the brain that is responsible for balance.
  7. The Cerebrum is the part of the brain that is responsible for Learning,emotions,thinking,speech,etc.
  8. A living cell place inn distilled water will become more turgid due to the in flow of water into the cell as a result of osmosis.
  9. The onion stores it food in its leaves.
  10. The arrangement of the vertebrae orderly from the head to the tail is : atlas,axis,cervical,thoracic,lumbar,sacral and coccyx.
  11. Key Points on Jamb Biology hot topics (11 to 20)

  12. Plant that can survive in a place where there is little amount of water is called Xerophytes.
  13. The centipede differ from the millipede by the number of paired leg in each body segment.
  14. The Millipede has two paired leg per body segment while the centipede has one leg per body segment.
  15. An organism having one pair of identical gene is the called homozygote
  16. An Aggregate fruit is formed by a single flower having several free carpels.
  17. The evolutionary sequences in plant is of hte order: algae,mosses,ferns,conifers,flowering plants.
  18. The function of the ossicles is to transmit vibrations in the mamallia ear.
  19. When any liviing cell is put in a solution whose concentration is more than the concentration of the cell, the cell will loses water and shrink
  20. Urea is produced in the liver as a by-product of biochemical reactions.
  21. Urea is excreted by the kidney in the form of urine
  22. Hot Topics in Jamb Biology (21-30)

  23. In Rhizophus carbonhydrate is stored as glycogen.
  24. Fibriongen and prothrombin play important roles in the clothing of blood
  25. Taxis is the movement of a whole organism in response to an exernal stimulus.
  26. To facilitate the exchange of gases, breathing roots have lenticles.
  27. The Villi is a fingerlike structure present in the small intestine whose sole purpose is to absorb digested food into the blood.
  28. A schizocarp is collection of achenes formed from several carpels of a flower is.
  29. Hydrogen is the element common to Carbonhydrate,protein and lipids.
  30. All artery carries blood away from the heart to different part of the body
  31. All artery carries oxygenated blood from the heart to other parts of the body except for the pulmonary artery.
  32. The Pulmonary arteries carries deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs for the purpose of oxygenation
  33. Likely Jamb Biology questions to note(31-40)

  34. All Veins carries blood from all part of the body to the heart.
  35. All carries deoxygenated blood except for the pulmonary vein.
  36. The Pulmonary vein carries from the lungs to the heart.
  37. In living cells, insufficient oxygen may cause a breakdown of glucose into latic acid in animals and alcohol in plants
  38. The major site of photosynthesis in the leaf is the palisade parenchyma.
  39. Symboisis is a type of relationship between two organism whereby they both benefit from each other.
  40. Commensalism is the relationship between two organism whereby only of one the organism benefits while the other is remains unharmed. example Shark and remora .
  41. Parasitism is the relationship between two organism whereby the “Parasites” benefits while the “Host suffers. Example man and tapeworm.
  42. The tropical rain forest is characterized by the following:.
    • The presence of very tall trees which occurs in layers or stratas.
    • The trees are evergreen having broad leaves.
    • The average temperature of this biome is about (21 – 30) degree celcius
    • It has numerous epiphytes.
    • There is high rain fall in this biome.
  43. The group of Arthropods that has no antennae is the Arachnida.
  44. Hot 2019 key points in Biology(41-50)

  45. Earthworm, jelly fish,sea anemones are invertebrate with hydrostatic skeleton
  46. The division of a body into two equal halves along a l ongitudinal plane is called bilateral symmetry.
  47. The lymphatic system of mammals rejoins the blood circulatory system at the subclavian vein
  48. Amoeba,bacteria multiply rapidly by means of binary fission.
  49. Planaris and spirogyra reproduce through fragmentation.
  50. Hydra reproduce through Budding.
  51. The pollutants that contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer in the atmosphere is Chlorofluorocarbons
  52. Amoeba moves with the eaid of its pseudopodia.
  53. Euglena moves with the aid of its flagellum.
  54. Paramecium moves with the aid of its cillia(cillium).

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