50+ powerful and amazing key points to blast Jamb Government – What jamb set

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50+ powerful and amazing key points to blast Jamb Government – What jamb set


Welcome to another edition of the poschools jamb tutorials and poschool hot topics In this Jamb tutorial series and hot topic series, I will be showing you important key points in Jamb Government to help you blast Jamb Government exam. This jamb key points will help you pass jamb with ease as they are inline with jamb syllabus and hot topics.

It is very necessary you master the jamb key points here as it is a form of revision to ensure you  pass jamb government.

It should be noted that this key points was prepared based on hot topics set in Jamb Government. This series will be released in a batch of 50 hot Government questions from all Jamb Government topics. 

This 50 points will cover some hot topics in Jamb Government. Although, this key points in Jamb Government will not be arranged topic by topic. Jamb Hot Key points will also be available for Economics,commerce,literature so its wise you keep in touch with poschools and follow up with this hot topic series

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Let’s get the ball rolling:

Key Points on Jamb Government hot topics (1 to 10)

  1. Naturalization is the legal act or process by which a non-citizen in a country may acquire citizenship or nationality. Citizenship is acquired by an alien through naturalization
  2. An upper house is one of two chambers of a bicameral legislature, the other chamber being the lower house..
  3. Examples of upper house in countries include: Australian senate, Brazil’s Senado Federal e.t.c..
  4. Public complain commission also known as Ombudsman is the institution established by the federal government to entertain from citizens, complaint of injustice, corruption, unfair treatment and abuse of office by public officers.
  5. Public complain commission is responsible for entertaining complaints against public servant or public officers.
  6. The first Nigerian political party was NNDP (Nigeria National Democratic Party) founded on June 24, 1923.
  7. The NNDP was founded by Sir Herbert Macaulay.
  8. The General Assembly is the deliberative policy making and representative organ of the United Nations.
  9. The General Assembly in the united nation comprises of 193 members states.
  10. The organ of UN that promotes voluntary co-operation among member states in diverse areas is the General Assembly.
  11. Key Points on Jamb Government hot topics (11 to 20)

  12. The officer responsible for announcing the result of election is the returning officers.
  13. The returning officer declares results for the parliamentary general elections and presidential elections. 
  14. The presiding officers are persons responsible for ensuring the conduct of the ballot in polling stations. They have to ensure that ballot boxes are kept secure and are responsible for transferring them safely to the count. 
  15. The returning officer is in charge of elections in each of the constituencies.
  16. Under the emirate system, the madawaki or madaki is the commander of the army. 
  17. Under the emirate system, the Dogari was the head of the police. 
  18. The emirate is a type of political administration in which the caliphate was divided into emirates and each was headed by an Emir.  
  19. The Emir had the responsibility of making laws, enforcing them and maintaining peace and order in his emirate 
  20. Each emirate was assisted by a number of advisers. These were:
    • The Waziri
    • The Galadima
    • The madaki (madawaki) – the commander of the army
    • The Dogari (the head of the Police)
    • The Maaji (he was in charge of the treasury)
    • The Sarkin Ruwa (the river fishing official)
    • The Sarkin Fada (head of workers)
    • The sarkin Pawa (head of all butchers)
  21. Checks and balance is the principle of government under which separate arm of government are equipped to prevent interference by others government. 
  22. Hot Topics in Jamb Government (21-30)

  23. With checks and balances, each of the three arms of government can limit the powers of the others. This is to ensure that no one arm becomes too powerful.
  24. A code of conduct can be defined as a set of rules stating the social values, religious rules and responsibilities of people in a geographical area.
  25. Judicial immunity is the prevention or protection of a judge from civil actions for carrying out official activities.
  26. One of the features of checks and balances is “Judicial Review”.
  27. Judicial review is the process whereby executive or legislative actions are subject to review by the judiciary.
  28. The earliest nationalist activities in Nigeria were spearheaded by traditional rulers.
  29. Political defection also known as cross-carpeting is a situation where a legislator switched from his original party to run either under another party or as an independent candidate.
  30. The performance of ritual rites in the Yoruba Empire is the responsibility of the Ogboni.
  31. Marxism is an economic and social system based upon the political and economic theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
  32. Feudalism is a system of land ownership and duties. In this case, all land in a kingdom belongs to the king.
  33. Likely Jamb Government questions to note(31-40)

  34. The development of a classless society is the goal of Marxism
  35. In Marxist theory, tribal hunter gatherer society, primitive communism, was classless. Everyone was equal in a basic sense
  36. Indirect rule is the system of government in which the traditional structures of the indigenous people were employed in the administration of the British overseas territories
  37. Indirect rule system was introduced into northern Nigeria by Lord Federick Lugard between 1900 and 1906
  38. The indirect rule system of administration was more successful in northern Nigeria because:
    • There was already an organised structure in the area headed by emirs.(this is the main reason)
    • The existence of native judicial system which applied Islamic law in the administration justice
    • Lord Lugard did not interfere with Islamic religion.
    • There was little opposition to indirect rule form the people of Northern Nigeria.
    • The existence of an efficient tax system
    • It did not interfere threaten, interfere with or erode the traditional authority of the emirs.
  39. One of the roles of an executive is to implement the law that have been framed by the legislature.
  40. As an executive, the commissioner is charged with the responsibility of implementing laws
  41. A parliamentary system of government is also known as a cabinet system of government
  42. A cabinet system of government is one in which there is no distinct separation of powers between the executive and the legislature
  43. In a cabinet system of government the head of state is called “president” is different from the head of government called “prime minister”.
  44. Hot 2019 key points in chemistry(41-50)

  45. The examples of countries that operates the cabinet system of government include:.
    • Great Britain.
    • India.
    • Canada.
    • New Zealand .
    • Australia.
  46. In a bid to reduce regional structural imbalance in the federation, Gowon’s administration formed political parties.
  47. In anticipation of eastern secession, Gowon moved quickly to weaken the support base of the region by decreeing the creation of twelve new states to replace the four regions.
  48. The US constitution is the oldest written constitution..
  49. A state is a political community that occupies a definite territory and has an organised government with the power to make and enforce laws without approval from any higher authority.
  50. The four features or characteristics of a state are:.
    • Population.
    • Territory .
    • Sovereignty .
    • Government.
  51. The utmost goal of nationalism in Africa was independence.
  52. A High Commissioner is a senior representative who is sent by one commonwealth country to live in another in order to work as an ambassador.
  53. The centre piece of Nigeria’s foreign policy covers only Africa.
  54. A representative of a commonwealth country in another member state is known as High Commissioner.

Alright guys. Stay tuned for part two hot key points to blast Jamb Government.

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