50+ Powerful and Amazing Key Points to blast Jamb Physics

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How to pass jamb chemistry: 50+ powerful and amazing key points to blast Jamb physics


Welcome to another edition of the poschools jamb tutorials and poschool hot topics In this Jamb tutorial series and hot topic series, I will be showing you important key points in Jamb Physics to help you blast Jamb Physics exam.

It is very necessary you master the jamb key points here as it is a form of revision to ensure you  pass jamb physics.

This jamb key points will help you pass jamb with ease as they are inline with jamb syllabus and hot topics.

It should be noted that this key points was prepared based on hot topics set in Jamb Physics. This series will be released in a batch of 50 hot Physics questions from all Jamb Physics topics. 

This 50 points will cover all topics in Jamb Physics. Although, this key points in Jamb Physics will not be arranged topic by topic. Jamb Hot Key points will also be available for Chemistry,Biology,mathematics so its wise you keep in touch with poschools and follow up with this hot topic series

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Let’s get started:

Key Points on Jamb Physics hot topics (1 to 10)

  1. Micrometer screw gauge is used for measuring the diameter or thickness of small objects like wires and small balls.
  2. The vernier caliper is used for measuring diameter of rods, internal diameter of tubes and depth of cavities.
  3. The Metre rule is used for measuring short distances such as the length of your book, length of a rod e.t.c
  4. The Metre rule has an accuracy of up to 0.05cm or 0.5mm
  5. The Vernier calipers has an accuracy of up to 0.01cm or 0.1mm
  6. The Micrometer has an accuracy of up to 0.001 cm or 0.01mm
  7. The Micrometer is used when greater accuracy is needed during measurement
  8. The Spring balance, beam balance and chemical beam balance are used for measuring the mass of a body in the laboratory
  9. The Chemical beam balance has an accuracy of up to 0.001g
  10. The Eureka can be used to measure the volume of irregular solids
  11. Key Points on Jamb Physics hot topics (11 to 20)

  12. Vector quantities are quantities that have both magnitude and direction
  13. Scalar quantities are quantities with magnitude but no direction
  14. Current is a scalar quantity
  15. Magnetic flux is a Scalar quantity.
  16. Electric potential, gravitational potential, magnetic potential infact any potential in physics is a scalar quantity.
  17. Electric field, Magnetic field, Gravitational field in fact all field in physics are vector quantities
  18. We have seven (7) fundamental quantities in physics.
  19. Mass, Length, Time are the 3 most important fundamental quantities in physics
  20. Other fundamental quantities includes: Current, Luminous intensity, Temperature, Amount of substance
  21. All other quantities apart from the above 7 are derived quantities.
  22. Hot Topics in Jamb Physics (21-30)

  23. Moment, Torque, Energy and work all have the same physical dimension which is ML^{2}T^{-2}
  24. Momentum and impulse have the same physical dimension which is MLT^{-1}
  25. Momentum is the product of mass and velocity its unit is Kg.m/s
  26. Impulse is the product of force and time its unit is N.s
  27. The resultant force in couple is zero
  28. The velocity ratio of a pulley system is equal to the number of pulleys in the system .
  29. The Scissors, garden shears, crow bar are all examples of first class lever
  30. The wheel barrow is an example of 2nd class lever.
  31. The human arm, thongs are examples of third class lever .
  32. In first class lever, the fulcrum is in between the effort and the load.
  33. Likely Jamb Physics questions to note(31-40)

  34. In second class lever, the load is in between the effort and the fulcrum
  35. In the third class lever, the effort is in between the load and the fulcrum.
  36. The efficiency of a machine can never be 100% due to the fact that part of the work input to the machine is used to overcome frictionnal forces.
  37. Sound waves cannot be plane polarized.
  38. The efficiency of a machine is given by e = \frac{workoutput}{work input}*100 or \frac{M.A}{V.R}*100.
  39. M.A is the mechanical advantage given by \frac{load}{effort}
  40. The velocity ratio of a machine is always greater than the mechanical advantage due to the fact that part of the input work is used to overcome friction.
  41. The temperature of a body is the measure of the average kinetic energy of the body.
  42. The normal temperature of the human body is 36.9 degree celcius.
  43. The four important scales used in the measurement of temperature are: Celcius scale, Kelvin scale, Farenheit scale and then rankine scale.
  44. Hot 2019 key points in Physics(41-50)

  45. The lower and upper limit of the temperature scales are:
    • Celcius (0 – 100) degree celcius
  46. Farenheit (32 – 212) degree farenheit
  47. Kelvin (273 – 373) kelvin
  48. Rankine (492 – 672) rankine
  49. One disadvantage of linear expansivity is the balance wheel of a watch, expansivity causes it to display the in correct time.
  50. One advantage of linear expansivity is the application in a bimetallic strips.
  51. Bimetallic strip is used in pressing iron as a thermostat(i.e to regulate the temperature of the iron).
  52. Bimetallic strip can also be used to design a thermometer.
  53. The pin-hole camera, shadows and eclipse are all proof that light ray travel in straight line.
  54. The convex mirror can only produced upright,virtual and smaller image of an object at all distance from the mirror.
  55. The concave mirror produce and enlarge and virtual image only when the object is placed between the pole of the mirror and the focal point
  56. When an object is placed at the focal point of a concave mirror, the image is produced at infinity.
  57. Parabolic mirrors are used as in the head lamp of a car as driving mirrors.

Alright guys. Stay tuned for the part two of this  hot key points series where I will release another batch of 50 hot points to help you blast Jamb Physics.

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