How to pass Jamb with ease- without stress?

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Tips on how to pass Jamb 2019/2020
How to pass Jamb with ease

In this article I will be guiding potential Jambite on the recently asked question “how to pass Jamb with ease?”. This question is what I will call a question asked by “soft Persons”. Truely, It is very much possible to pass Jamb with much ease.

You could actually pass Jamb with ease without stress of running to and fro. Yes it is possible although there are measures which you must put in place or settle for you to be able to enjoy a stress-free jamb in this year.

You do not need to ask the question “how to pass Jamb with ease?” if you will follow through this article. There are many things you would do to pass Jamb with ease although there is a saying that the harder you work the better your result.

How easy is it to pass Jamb?

Yes! truth be told even if you claim something is easy there is still a task to be carried out. Imagine as easy as “ABC” is when you were a child you still had to learn it.

but I tell you there are easier ways to learn something. Same with Jamb there are easier ways to learn Jamb questions that will answer the question “how to pass Jamb easily?”

I will now show you some principles to employ on how to pass Jamb with ease ( and they are:

  1. know how Jamb thinks.
  2. Make past questions your best friend.
  3. Follow Jamb syllabus squarely
  4.  Understand Jamb questions
  5. Practice CBT mock Examination
Other answers to "how to pass Jamb with ease?" include:
  • Give in more time to studies.
  • Discuss what you have read with friends.
  • Use illustration and diagram while studying.
  • Find time to relax and meditate.

Now that we have enumerated some key point on how to pass Jamb with ease I shall enumerate each highlighted point stated above

know how Jamb thinks to pass Jamb with ease

It is important you know how your enemy thinks in other for you to prevail against them since jamb is a computer based exams no writing material is required so jamb will try to eliminate questions that required lot of calculation that does not mean you won’t do questions without calculation.

Make Past Question your best friend if you want to pass Jamb with ease.

The best way to pass jamb is by using jamb past questions and answers series. I can remember when I was writing my jamb exams all the English questions and answers are exactly the same to that of a particular year which of course I read . Buy and read jamb past series on the subjects you registered to write in jamb

Follow Jamb syllabus squarely to pass Jamb with ease:

Jamb normally give out brochure either in textbook or CD format containing some vital informations about the jamb exams . Watch or read the syllabus part of the subjects you registered in jamb.

Understand Jamb questions

If you are observant or if you are following this article very well you would have come across the first number for the topic “how to pass jamb with ease – without stress. the first answer I gave was know how Jamb think.

although, for you to know how jamb think you will need to understand their question format. Similarly, the more you familiarize yourself with Jamb past question the more you know how Jamb think. 

Well, it is another thing to understand Jamb questions. It is not falsehood to mention that Jamb questions are not difficult, they are only asked in technical ways.

This technicality has made it possible for any subject in Jamb to look difficult and of the same rate. Believe it or not, C.R.S questions in Jamb now are as hard as Mathematics and English ones.

In this regard, do not look down on any subject as too simple. Also, do not count any as insurmountable.

When you see a Jamb question, say English, the first answer that comes to your mind has a very high probability of not being the right answer, yes! Unless you are more than sure.

Those who set Jamb questions are not poor to leave correct answers on the surface. Apparently, too many students would pass if they did so.

So, they try to twist things up, so that many students would pick the wrong answer, thinking they have picked the right one. Such students get out of the exam with confidence, and are later disappointed by their results.

Take this question for example:
I did it to _________________ your appetite.
a. Wheat
b. Wet
C. Whet
D. Weth

In answering this question, so many students would pick option b. If you have, you have just lost the mark for the question.

The correct answer is C.

So, when you seat behind your computer, be very wise. Remember, not all that glitters is gold. Not everything that looks like the answer is really th

practice CBT mock Examination:

To answer the question “how to pass Jamb” I sincerely tell you that practicing mock Examination is going to help you a great deal. what is Jamb mock examination? yes this is a type of pre-Jamb examination that is conducted weeks before the main Jamb

I sincerely encourage you all to acknowledge this mock exam as it is going to open your eyes on the format of answering the main Jamb(Utme exams).


The more the time you give in to studying the the more ease you find answering Jamb past question. If you observe your brain tends to be swift in what you engage it with.

Therefore, I tell you if you engage your brain with answering Jamb question with commitment then you will find yourself answering Jamb question with ease.

Also I beg you do not  leave it until the last minute. While some students do seem to thrive on last-minute ‘cramming’ or memorizing, it’s widely accepted that for most of us, this is not the best way to approach an exam. Set out a timetable for your study. Write down how many exams you have and the days on which you have to write them. then, organize your study accordingly. You may want to give some exams more study time than others, so find a balance that you feel comfortable with. 

how to pass Jamb with ease- Discuss what you have read with friends

To all Jambite in the house know that the best way to commit something to your memory is to discuss it with friends. this singular act will make that particular thing you have studied be a part of you.

Parents and little brothers and sisters don’t have to be annoying during Exam period Use them to your advantage. Explain an answer to a question to them. That will help you to get it clear in your head, and also to highlight any areas where you need more work.

Also, I encourage you to get together with friends for a study session you may have questions that they have the answers to and vice versa. As long as you make sure you stay focused on the topic for an agreed amount of time, this can be one of the most effective ways to challenge yourself.

how to pass Jamb with ease- use illustration and diagram while studying

yes, using illustration, diagram, imagination can help you pass Jamb with ease. Personally, I have found out that if you want to understand something properly illustrate it, put it in diagram, and also imagine it then you would see that this media can actually accelerate you study for Jamb.

Visual aids can be really helpful when revising. At the start of a topic, challenge yourself to write down everything you already know about a topic – and then highlight where the gaps lie. Closer to the exam, condense your revision notes into one-page diagrams. Getting your ideas down in this brief format can then help you to quickly recall everything you need to know during the exam.

how to pass Jamb with ease- find time to relax and meditate

Yes!! despite all the propaganda of studying meditating and doing all sort of things so that you can pass this forthcoming Jamb precisely Jamb 2019/2020 it is needful for you to take time to rest your brain. yes ensure you relax at interval after studying.

While you may think it’s best to study for as many hours as possible, this can actually be counterproductive. If you were training for a marathon, you wouldn’t try and run 24 hours a day! Likewise studies have shown that for long-term retention of knowledge, taking regular breaks really helps.
Everyone’s different, so develop a study routine that works for you. If you study better in the morning, start early before taking a break at lunchtime. Or if you’re more productive at nighttime, take a larger break earlier on so you’re ready to settle down come evening.
Try not to feel guilty about being out enjoying the sunshine instead of hunched over your textbooks. Remember Vitamin D is important for a healthy brain!

If you have judiciously read this article “how to pass Jamb with ease” from the begging to the end then you should never have problem with the forthcoming Jamb 2019/2020. More so, if you can actually do as instructed after reading this article then I promise you scoring more than 350 in your Jamb is guaranteed .

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