How to pass Jamb with your score above 300

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Tips on how to pass Jamb 2019/2020

How to pass Jamb 2019/2020 with your scores above 300

The secret is now exposed on how to pass Jamb with your scores above 300. yes it is exposed all you have to do is to follow me very well as we journey through this article. 

It is no longer news that Jamb 2019/2020 is around the corner and only those who prepare and equip themselves well enough to absorb any Jamb shock will smile.

Although from the inception of jamb in 1978 we have had cases of failures(below 200 out of 400). Also we have heard stories of those that passed exceedingly well so I tell you dear its two side of a coin you either pass or you fail such is every sphere in this life.

But i tell you after you must have read this article your case will be that you either pass exceedingly well or still pass exceedingly well there is no room for scores below 300. 

Now I will work you through the process to consider so that you score above 300 in this Jamb 2019/2020 and they are:

1. Trust God that he is able to help you on how to Pass the UTME-Jamb

When you want to write any Exam in particular you should endeavor to acknowledge and trust God to teach you, and help you remember what you have read. This is very necessary because for one to be successful continuously he or she has to trust in the supremacy of God.

I know we have some sect of people called atheist(someone that does not believe in God) if you find this annoying which I believe is not annoying don’t be offended know that the existence of God is not to be proven but to be believed

2. Avoid any iota of fear as Jamb 2019/2020 Exams draw near

“fear” a destructive phenomenon that has crippled great men with the resources to excel is one that should not be neglected but to be tackled earnestly by student . Even as you write any exam you find yourself tackling, rule out fear from your mind else it would block your ability to write well.

“Learning to handle fear and overcome it – even if that’s sometimes just for 10 or 30 seconds so you can take an important actions”. This statement is very true when you are able to handle fear in the examination hall then, you can take important decision.

3. Study to pass jamb with the recommended syllabus for each subject:

It is necessary that you know your direction or navigation when travelling the same thing is applicable while studying for Jamb. you should make sure that you have the syllabus for each subject. Having the syllabus will give you focus as you would be able to confirm the scope to which you would be able to cover the scheme and available Topic in each subject.

For me, I have been able to write many exams and passed by first of all understanding each topic in the scheme of work or syllabus. Therefore I encourage you to work with the subject syllabus so you do not over-read or under-read

4. Study with past question to score high in Jamb:

Welcome on board. The fastest way to prepare and score very high in Jamb is the use of Jamb past questions. Get the past questions for your four Jamb subjects and study along with them.

Start solving past questions from the earliest year to the recent years which is 2019. Make sure you solve and understand everything.

Consult Google or your textbook for any question that is not clear. This is funny,  but you will have to memorise what refuses to enter.

Generally, you don’t have to memorise past questions. Try as much as possible to get the full picture.

It is necessary I also say this you do not only use past question because it would be repeated word for word in similar Examination but you use it to study so that you can be able to subject yourself to Jamb standard. that is you use Jamb past question to test yourself if you could actually pass suppose you were in the hall.

5. Avoid Examination Malpractice if you want to pass Jamb 2019/2020:

Examination malpractice of any form should be disapproved by any candidate taking Jamb this is because Examination malpractice as it was in those days when Jamb was still Paper based.

Now Jamb UTME is now CBT (Computer Based Test) and it will be difficult to engage in cheating because in the Hall it is you and your Computer, there is no room for side talk inclusively as your questions are totally different from the questions of your colleagues.

Therefore, I implore all those that will be writing UTME 2019/2020, It will be to your own advantage if you take time to study instead of going into the Examination Hall thinking you would have your way things have changed dear you would only be disappointed and regretful there fore I admonish you once again that you read and study now that you have the time.

6. If you want to pass Jamb 2019/2020 do not neglect Jamb mock Examination if you are offered one:

Jamb Mock Examination is a type of preview Examination recommended for student who registered with jamb for UTME. The Examination is also inform of CBT but it is not going to be used in any way to accumulate your UTME scores.

But I sincerely implore you to take part in the Mock Examination because it going to give you that atmosphere of taking the real Examination. After the Mock you would be able to access yourselves whether you are fit for the Examination or you still need to make some adjustment.

It is also a means of checking self analysis whether you were too slow, whether you delayed in answering questions, whether you were panicking when attempting question. After answering the questions you would then be able to make proper adjustment still. 

7. Be conscious of the time if you want to pass Jamb 2019/2020:

You must have heard of the saying “time waits for no man” this is very true and applicable to Examinations especially Jamb. I urge you to be aware of the time in when you are in any examination situation  else you would find yourself spending hours on few questions.

You could actually manage your time my apportioning each question to a particular time range. For example, Jamb sets 250 questions in all what you can do is and Jamb gives 3 hours to answer all 250 Questions. What you probably might do is to divide 250 Questions by the total numbers of 3 hours. doing the calculation you would observed that you would have only 43 seconds to answer each question. Is that not surprising? you can see now that you have to manage your time well.

8. Be a participant in the Jamb Mock Exam for 2019/2020:

Yes, your might be asking what is Jamb mock Exams. I tell you this is what I would call a PRE-UTME Examination because the exams is always organised months or weeks away from the original Jamb. I implore you to be a participant of this great opportunity because you would be able to see how far you are prepared for the real Examination.

9. Fix a particular score you would be aiming for:

Many people do not know that when they fail to plan they are automatically planning to fail. It is pertinent to know that you are what you chase after. Also you are what you think in your mind.

It is better you clearly state what it is that you want in this Jamb. Mention your score and write it boldly in your Heart and gladly pursue it.

10. Do not read without Understanding:

The problem of many student is that they read without understanding, I must encourage you that whenever you want to read any material or textbook in preparation for Jamb try as much as possible to understand what you are reading.

I tell you, it is better you understand less than reading a whole pages of the textbook and understanding nothing. This would be very discouraging as when you are in the Examination hall your brain will not be able to produce what you have actually learnt. Therefore pay attention to Understanding while studying.

11. Ask Questions if you want to pass Jamb 2019/2020:

There is a saying “If you are not Informed you would be deformed”. This is a true statement because in a changing World that we are in today things are changing, Technologies are changing, e.t.c

You cannot expect to use outdated information and survive in our present day world therefore, update yourself in terms of knowledge and research. for examples as student you use past questions to aid your studies if you notice any error in the answer the past question has provided you update yourself and try to find the correct answer. who knows the knowledge might be replicated in Jamb questions.

12. Avoid Examination malpractice of any sort:

Gone are those days when UTME was written via Paper and Pencil. Incase you don’t know Jamb examination is known as UTME (Unified Tertiary matriculation Examination). 

Yes as I was saying, currently, the era of Paper and Pencil Examination is gone and would be a backward progress if it come again. 

I implore you to desist from Examination malpractice else it could land you in big trouble. One side effect of Examination malpractice is that it makes your brain dormant before the Examination itself. 

Since you have already projected that you would cheat during Jamb 2019/2020 you would notice that to read will become difficult but once you cross your Heart that you cannot cheat in the Examination your Brain will do everything possible to understand since you are dependent on it and not on cheating.

yes, if you think this Post on how to write Jamb 2019/2020 and pass exceedingly well was helpful to others do well to share with friends who knows you might just inform someone and transform the person score

I tell you the Person will come back to thank you.

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