Is the registration for WASSCE (private individual) or GCE 2019 out?

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Wassce(private) or Gce 2019 is out!

Yes!!! there is a good news in the air the registration of WASSCE(private individual) 2019 or as people calls it GCE 2019 is out and one can do their registration online. The registration is done by an accredited centre.

The interested candidate or persons who can write this exam is limitless as anybody who is educationally ready or those who want to test their abilities can write this exams.

As the name of the exam connotes “WASSCE(PRIVATE) or Gce” this simply means that the exam is privately based, as not only senior secondary schools or boarders of secondary school can write the exams. 

Before I continue, in case you do not know the meaning of wassce it simply means West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination. This exam is conducted by WAEC(West Africa Examination Council) body.

Also, people also know the examination as GCE which simply means General Certificate Examination.

Wassce Gce first series

Yes, the registration is out!! but the Waec body mentioned that the first registration is the first series and that the second series will be available in few months time.

I implore you to register with the first series online form which is available in that link. Now I already told you that you might not be able to do the registration yourself since you do not have the necessary tool to commence the registration of the wassce 2019

You should be aware that as a first series personnel who would be registering now note that centres in the examination town, which turns out to be unviable at the end of the entry period will be merged with a viable centre in the nearest examination town.

The importance of registering with the first series in this Wassce(private) has many benefits so do not wait until it is late before registering.

Preparation is key for this wassce(private) or GCE

It is good you understand that preparation is key for the progress of accomplishing a set goal. Now that you have chosen to register with the first series Congratulations!! still you have work to do as you would need many tool to help you with this Wassce(private) Gce some of the tools will include the syllabus for Wassce(private) 2019Tutorial guide for some subject of the Wassce 2019. and a quiz section. This will include key point and hot revision question that will guide you. watch out for this. even as the examination draws closer.

Other topics include:

  1. Accredited centre for the registration of            Wassce(private) Gce 2019.
  2. Necessary tool to commence the registration of wassce(private) 2019.
  3. The importance of registering with the first series for Wassce (2019).
  4. The syllabus for Wassce(private) Gce 2019.

     Tutorials for some subject of the Wassce(private)       2019.

Thanks for reading!! for any question you can comment on the comment section below. Once again this is Poschools an online place where you get reliable information.

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