Jamb Mathematics Hot Topics

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jamb mathematics hot topics

Jamb Mathematics Hot Topics

Good day viewers and welcome to poschools, Today, I will be listing out topics Jamb sets almost every year I call them “Jamb Mathematics Hot Topics”. I always advise student to read and study Jamb Mathematics Hot Topics fist before studying other to

Jamb Mathematics Syllabus

The Jamb Mathematics Syllabus is available by CLICKING HERE. Students who have seen the Jamb Mathematics syllabus often get frustrated because of the large number of topics.

The 2019 Jamb Mathematics syllabus has 23 different topics. Although, I will encourage you to study all 23 topics so that you blast the Jamb exam. Get this now, “Efficiency is all you need“. It is better to study 75% of the topics in Jamb syllabus to blast Jamb with ease(Jamb Mathematics Hot Topics).

Rather than studying all the 23 topics on the Jamb Mathematics syllabus and yet you cant still answers question fro those topics.

Below is a list of Jamb Mathematics Hot topics.

1. Indices, Logarithms and Surds:

These topics are jamb mathematics hot topics. Topics from indices,Logarithms and surds are set almost every year. Therefore, this should be among jamb mathematics hot topics

i. apply the laws of indices in calculation;
ii.Be able to establish the relationship between indices and logarithms in solving problems;
iii. Learn to solve problems in different bases in logarithms;
iv. Learn to simplify and rationalize surds;
v. Learn to perform basic operations on surds.

2. Number bases:

Number bases is another hot topic in mathematics jamb never seizes to set. Topics from number bases comes out almost every year. Therefore, it should be among Jamb Mathematics hot topics.

i. Learn to perform four basic operations (x,+,-,÷) on numbers with any base
ii. Also learn to convert one base to another.

iii. Learn to convert from one base to the other including fractional parts.

3.Learn Fractions, Decimals, Approximations and Percentages:

These are topics you should make sure you finish in other to blast jamb mathematics. Questions from these topicscan be seen every year in past questions. Therefore, this should be among Jamb Mathematics Hot Topics.

i.Learn to  perform basic operations (x,+,-,÷) on fractions and decimals;
ii. Learn express to specified number of significant figures and decimal places;
iii. Learn to calculate simple interest, profit and loss percent; ratio proportion and rate;
iv. Learn to Solve problems involving share and VAT.

4. Progression:

Expect questions from arithmetic and geometric progression as it is also among jamb mathematics hot topics

i.Learn to determine the nth term of a progression;
ii.Learn to compute the sum of A. P. and G.P;
iii.Learn to compute sum to infinity of a given G.P.

5. Inequalities:

Question from inequalities do show up in past questions, Although not every year. Inequalities is also part of Jamb Mathematics Hot Topics.

i. Learn to solve problems on linear and quadratic inequalities;
ii. Learn to interpret graphs of inequalities.

6. Polynomials:

Polynomials is another mathematics hot topics constantly set from jamb. It should one of jamb mathematics hot topics from Jamb.

i.Learn to find the subject of the formula of a given equation;
iiLearn to. apply factor and remainder theorem to factorize a given expression;
iii.Learn to multiply and divide polynomials of degree not more than 3;
iv.Learn to factorize by regrouping difference of two squares, perfect squares and cubic expressions; etc.
v.Learn to solve simultaneous equations – one linear, one quadratic;
vi.Learn to interpret graphs of polynomials including applications to maximum and minimum values.

7. Matrices and Determinants:

Make sure you study this topic as it is one of Jamb Mathematics Hot topic.

i.Learn to perform basic operations (x,+,-,÷) on matrices;
ii. Learn to calculate determinants;
iii. Learn to compute inverses of 2 x 2 matrices.

8. Euclidean Geometry:

Geometry is a topic constantly set by Jamb. Expect questions from geometry as it is one of Jamb mathematics hot topics.

i.Learn to identify various types of lines and angles;
ii.Learn to solve problems involving polygons;
iii.Learn to calculate angles using circle theorems;

9. Coordinate Geometry:

Coordinate geometry ia one topic Jamb set almost every year. Therefore, it should be among Jamb Mathematics Hot topics.

i. determine the midpoint and gradient of a line segment;
ii. find the distance between two points;
iii. identify conditions for parallelism and perpendicularity;
iv. find the equation of a line in the two-point form, point-slope form, slope intercept form and the general form.


Trigonometry is also Jamb Mathematics Hot Topics set almost every year, Therefore its important to practice questions from this topic

i.Learn to calculate the sine, cosine and tangent of angles between – 360° ≤ θ ≤ 360°;
ii.Learn to apply these special angles, e.g. 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°, 105°, 135° to solve simple problems in trigonometry;
iii.Learn to solve problems involving angles of elevation and depression;
iv.Learn to solve problems involving bearings;
v.Learn to apply trigonometric formulae to find areas of triangles;

11. Differentiation:

Differentiation is a part of calculus that Jamb sets almost every year. Therefore, its important to know differentiation and practice questions from it. It should be among Jamb Mathematics Hot topics.

i. Learn to find the limit of a function
ii. Learn to differentiate explicit algebraic and simple trigonometrical functions.

12. Application of differentiation:

Expect questions from this topic as it is also one of Jamb mathematics Hot topics.

Learn to solve problems involving applications of rate of change, maxima and minima.


Integration is one topic that Jamb set almost every year, therefore, expect questions from integration and as such it should be part of Jamb mathematics hot topics.

i. Learn to solve problems of integration involving algebraic and simple trigonometric functions;
ii. Learn to calculate area under the curve (simple cases only).


The following topics are also what you should study to pass jamb mathematics:

  • Measures of Location
  • Measures of Dispersion
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Probability

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