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Jamb Online Practice for Physics

Welcome to poschool Jamb Online Practice. In this Jamb Online Practice, we will test you based on a particular physics topic which is Scalars and Vectors. The importance of this type of quiz test cannot be over-emphasized because it helps you to know if you are well prepared for a particular topic in Jamb Physics

Nature of the Jamb Online Quiz

The Jamb online practice quiz consist of 15 Standard questions which are extracted from Jamb latest past questions. As I have said earlier, this quiz test you on how well you are ready to tackle any question on Scalars and Vectors.

If you get above 90% after the quiz, it shows you are very much ready for the test.

However, if you get below 60%, its not the end of the road dear, I will recommend you check out the tutorial I Scalars and vectors and units for Jamb physics by clicking here

Requirement to take the Jamb Online Practice test 

We Just need you to enter your name and e-mail to take the test.

This test contain some calculations click here to open my online calculator in another tab

I wish you the best as you take the test



Welcome to your Jamb Physics Online Test 2(Scalars and Vectors)

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A quantity which requires magnitude and direction to be specified is

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I. Electric potential                     II. Torque
III. Kinetic Energy                       IV. Momentum
Which of the quantities listed above are vectors?

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A rocket is fired from the earth surface to a distant planet. By Newton's law of universal gravitation, the force will

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When a brick is taken from the earth's surface to the moon its mass

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The pair of physical quantities that are scalar only are?

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The following statement is True about force
I. It is a physical quantity that denote the ability to pull,push,twist or accelerate a body
II.Its a product of its mass and acceleration (F = ma)
III.The S.I unit of force is newton
IV. It has a dimension of MLT^(-2)

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Which of the following is NOT a vector quantity

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The force with which an object is attracted to the
earth is called its

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I. The earth is not spherical but
elliptical in shape.
II. Variation in latitude and
III. Rotation of the earth on its axis.
IV. Variation in the density of the earth
On which combination of the above
does the weight of an object vary on
the earth’s surface?

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If the distance between two suspended
masses 10kg each is tripled, the
gravitational force of attraction
between them is reduced by

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An object is weighed at different locations
on the earth. What will be the right

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When a brick is taken from the earth’s
surface to the moon, its mass

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Two objects, one having three times the mass of
the other, are dropped at the same time from at tall
building. When they are above the ground, the
two objects will have the same

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The force experienced by an object of mass 600.0kg
in the moon’s gravitational field is 1.002 x 10^(3).
What is the intensity of the gravitational field?

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Scalars and vectors

In the diagram above, P,Q and R are vectors.Which
of the following options gives the correct
relationship between the vectors?

We hope to do the same for all topics in Jamb Physics and also for all subjects.

We encourage you to give us feedback by using the comment section below.

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