JAMB registration: 5 things to do before registering with JAMB for 2019/2020, number 5 will shock you!

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Tips on how to pass Jamb 2019/2020

What should I do before registering for UTME 2019/2020? - Jamb

Are you part of the people writing Jamb (Jamb registration) this year then the above question “what should I do before registering for UTME 2019/2020? should be one of the prominent question ringing in the Head of some of you who had just written the SSCE Exams and passed as well as those of you who must have written any other O’level Exams and passed but still waiting to cross this bridge of UTME Exams conducted by Jamb. However, while continuing reading I will write 5 things to do before registering with JAMB for 2019/2020 In which case number 5 will shock you! 

I tell you, there are so many things you could do before registering for the upcoming JAMB. You need not waste precious time doing what would not increase your worth. Many people I know after passing their O’level exams stop at that. They never saw it as the opportunity to continue to educationally equip themselves this actually makes them perform poorly when they now finally write the UTME Exams due to lack of preparation. 

Now some people would ask me: what indeed is my worth?, how do i know my worth?, and many more like that. To clarify those questions: your worth is the same thing as your value, that is, what you can offer uniquely that nobody else can offer in that unique manner.

Having said that, things like going to meet your friends without purpose should be discouraged, for the boys playing football all day should be ignored, playing games from Morning till Night is not healthy, aimlessly strolling the street and many more like that. Quote me well that does not mean its bad to do all those things I just mentioned but they should be done for the purpose of keeping fit mentally and physically. There are better productive things to do that could make you as a person valuable to your family, society and to the general society as well as the general public.

5 things to do before registering for JAMB 2019/2020

Now, I am going to enumerate the 5 things you should do before registering for Jamb 2019/2020 and they are as follows:

1. Prepare your mind towards the exams: 

 This is a very good strategy to embrace as a Jamb aspirant, An English man once said your treasure lies in where your Heart is. Therefore make sure your Heart is with the forthcoming examination else it will just be a waste of time since your mind is not there and not conditioned for preparation.

yeah like I said before when something is in your heart you ponder over it everytime and every single opportunity you have. Then you must be positive about yourself that you can make it in the end.

Have you observed again that when your heart is in a good condition or state you tend to reason well and you are most productive. Therefore do well to prepare your mind and you would be very much surprised with the score you would get as a result of the change.

 2. Carefully gather information about the course you would like to study:

The course you will study is very important and necessary information about the course has to be foreknown. This means that you should plan and understand the course before you finally apply for it during the registration.

Action needs passion or it will be sanctioned. Your motivation gives you drive.

Many persons choose a course because it is high paying or because they see their friends study the course. Many choose course in Jamb registration based on parental influence and for prestige. Choose your Jamb study course carefully I repeat. Consider your strength and weakness.

One of the reasons why most student find it difficult to do well in their course area when they get admission into the university is that they refused to accept their weakness and strength they overstated their weakness and strength.

For example you know of a truth that you are not very good in chemistry and biology and you decided to put in for MEDICINE AND SURGERY. 

This will not help you at all rather it might deprive you the chance to gain admission quickly as you would not be given the course you chose, this has made some people to write Jamb more than 2 times. I repeat before you choose any course know your strength and weakness do not copy others.

3. Decide on your choice University before registration:

Yes dear student this third thing to do before you consider registering for Jamb 2019/2020 is one that is very necessary and should not be ignored.

I tell you many student in the course of Jamb registration has chosen the school that does not have what it takes for the student to do exploit in that particular course. This is so painful because such Student will not be able to reach the peak of his or her course.

Therefore I enjoin you before you choose that preferred university make sure you read about the courses offered by the university and confirm that your choice Course is also among the courses offered by the university.

 For example, you hear names of University like Uniben, Unilag Ui, Uniport, UniabujA Lasu, Unilorin, Abu Zaria, Oau, Funnab, Mapoly,  Auchi Poly, Laspotech and other big Universities/Polytechnics and you want to fill them as your preferred Institution of Study. It is a nice decision. But is it just because of the name.

Most times Popular Universities like the ones I just mentioned above ususally have facilities for top notch courses like Midicine and surgery, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Accounting, Economics e. t. c.

Note:It is unwise to enroll in a university that is not approved by the NUC.

4. Avoid procrastination rather prepare early.

This is very key if you are going to pass your UTME in flying colors i mean having scores greater than 250. Yes this is very possible if you can do away with that phenomena called “procrastination”. Many of the scholars you have out there are disciplined student who did not give chances.

They did not give room for procrastination rather they prepared early. Now that the registration for Jamb 2019/2020 is still months away I know many will start saying, “abeg the Exam is still far let me still do this small thing” this statement is not cool at all because its the origination of Procrastination

It is pertinent to know that early preparation will cost you nothing rather it will give you this peace of mind even when the exams approach because you know that you are prepared. Lack of preparation and action is the mother of failure. 

you cannot be saying words of prophecy like “this year is my year”, “I will score above 300” and you are not doing anything about it. I will be like pouring Water into an empty basket. I enjoin everyone to kick against Procrastination so that you would smile when you would be seeing your Jamb  2019/2020 result.

5. Apply for a skill acquisition program.

Finally if you were faithful reading from number 1 here is the last number. Is Number 5 actually surprising, and shocking? yes it is!. I should guess some people will be like I am planning to write JAMB and you are telling me to apply for a skill acquisition program

Applying for a skill acquisition program will have a long way to go in your life as you might need it when you finally get admission into school. if you want to read more about Jamb encouraging student to apply for skill acquisition program click here

skill acquisition has actually helped so many people there are so many skill you can engage in that at the end will bring you money.

For example you can learn graphics designing, tailoring, carpentry, programming, such as Java script, fashion designer Caterer, snacks making, Painting, interior decoration. and many more.

This skill has actually helped so many people survive in the  university environment. I have seen a student who uses his free time to repair electronics when he does not have lectures, I have seen another person who does graphics design for client during his free time. you see at least this set of persons cannot be stranded.

They do not necessarily need to depend on their sponsors or parent as, if otherwise they cannot go to the street begging. so what are your waiting for consider boosting your value by applying for any skill of your choice.

I want to believe this Article has really educated you if so do well to share with friends who knows this article might help them. you can use any of the social media to share the article. If you want genuine information about Jamb 2019/2020 then I implore you to follow this website.

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