Jamb Repeated Questions: Likely Jamb questions and answers

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Jamb Repeated Questions: Likely Jamb questions and answers


Welcome to another edition of the poschools jamb tutorials In this Jamb tutorial series,it will be the first of its kind. I will be revealing jamb repeated questions and likely jamb questions and answers to expect  in Chemistry.

It should be noted that this jamb repeated questions and likely jamb questions and answers to expect in chemistry was prepared based on hot topics set in Jamb Chemistry.

This “Jamb repeated questions and likely jamb questions and answers that will be set in chemistry series” will be released in a batch of 50 hot key points to help you pass jamb chemistry. 

This 50 hot key points on  jamb repeated questions series will be strictly for organic chemistry.

In other words, we will be listing out jamb repeated questions on organic chemistry and also likely jamb questions and answers to expect from organic chemistry in 2019 jamb chemistry exam.

Jamb Repeated questions and likely jamb questions and answers to pass chemistry 2019 UTME exam will also be available for  physics,Biology,mathematics so its wise you keep in touch with poschools

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Let’s get started:

Jamb repeated questions in chemistry (1 to 10)

  1. The Alkanol obtained from soap is called glycerol another name for glycerol is propane-1,2,3-triol in other words it is a Trihydric alcohol.
  2. The flame used by welders in cutting metals is called oxy-acetylene flame. This flame is produced by mixing oxygen and acetylene also known as ethyne in the correct proportion.
  3. The alkane homologous series is given by C_{n}H_{2n+2}. Also NOTE that each consecutive member of this homologous series differs by a CH_{2} group
  4. The three-dimensional shape of methane molecule is tetrahedral
  5. A compound with a Sweet smelling smell like that of fruits is an ester also known as alkanoate.
  6. The organic compound C_{3}H_{6}Br_{2} has 4 isomers and the isomers are:
    • 1,1-dibromo-propane
    • 1,2-dibromopropane
    • 2,2-dibromopropane
    • 1,3-dibromopropane
  7. The organic compound C_{4}H_{10} has 2 isomers and the isomers are:
    • n-butane
    • 2-methylpropane also known as isobutane
  8. The organic compound C_{5}H_{12}(pentane) has 3 isomers and the isomers are:
    • n-pentane
    • 2-methylbutane
    • 2,2-dimethypropane
  9. The organic compound C_{6}H_{14} has 5 isomers and the isomers are:
    • n-hexane
    • 2-methylpentane
    • 3-methylpentane
    • 2,2-dimethylbutane
    • 2,3-dimethylbutane
  10. The Cracking process is important in the petroleum industries because it helps to yield more engine fuels
  11. Jamb repeated questions in chemistry (11 to 20)

  12. The process of obtaining compound with lower boiling points from compounds with higher boiling and melting point is termed cracking
  13. Alkaline hydrolysis of naturally occuring fat and oils yield soap and glycerol
  14. The Carboxylic acid also known as the alkanoic acid is represented by RCOOH
  15. The Esters also known as alkanoates can be representd by RCOOR’
  16. In esterification of ethanol and ethanoic acid, the Conc.H_{2}SO_{4} used in the reaction acts as a Dehydrating agent
  17. Complete hydrogenation of ethyne will yield ethane
  18. Complete oxidation of alcohol will yield carboxylic acid also knnown as alkanoic acid.
  19. When alcohol vapor is passed through a solution of potassium dichromate a colour change from orange to green occurs
  20. Ammoniacal silver nitrate solution can be used to distinguish Alkenes from Alkynes
  21. Thr process of converting oils to magarine or solid fat is termed HYDROGENATION
  22. Likely Jamb questions and answers in chemistry (21-30)

  23. The salt (sodium chloride) present in the saponification process helps to separate out the soap from the glycerol
  24. The organic compound C_{3}H_{8}O has 3 isomers which are:
    • 1-propanol
    • 2-propanol
    • methoxyethane
  25. When ethanol is heated in excess conc tetraoxosulphate vi acid, the ethanol is dehydrated to ethene gas
  26. Alkanoic acid react with trioxocarbonate salts with the evolution of carbon(iv)oxide gas(i.e effervescence occurs during reaction of alkanoic acid with a trioxocarbonate salt Na_{2}CO_{3}
  27. Lead tetra-ethyl is used as anti-knock in petrol engines
  28. The reaction that occurs when Palm-oil is added to potash is with the formation of foam is termed Saponification
  29. Starch is converted to Ethyl alcohol by the process called Fermentation
  30. The efficiency of petrol as fuel in high compression internal combustion will increase in the presence of increased branch chain alkanes
  31. The fuction of the ash in the locally made black soup is to supply the alkali necessary for saponification to take place.
  32. Water added to calcium carbide in a container produces a gas called acetylene
  33. Likely Jamb Chemistry questions and answers31-40)

  34. Detergent have the following general formula RSO_{3}Na^{+}
  35. When excess Chlorine is mixed with ethene an organic compound with the name 1,2-dichloroethane is produced
  36. The bond which joins two ethanoic acid molecule in its liquid state is the Hydrogen bond. Note that this hydrogen bond also joins two molecules of ethanol together.
  37. The gas responsible for the fatal explosion in the coal mines is the methane gas
  38. cycloalkane with the formula C_{5}H_{10} has
  39. Alkanals can be differentiated from alkanones by their reaction with Tollen’s reagent
  40. starch and cellulose are examples of polysachharide.
  41. The carbon atoms in the alkane homologue are sp3 hybridized
  42. The carbon atoms in the alkene homologue are Sp2 hybridized
  43. The carbon atoms in the alkyne homologue are Sp hybridized
  44. Jamb repeated questions and likely questions and answers in chemistry)

  45. The presence of copper sulphate solution in tetraoxosulphate(vi) acid in the preparation of acetylene gas it to remove the phosphine impurity produce.
  46. Bromine water will confirm the presence of unsaturation in an organic compound
  47. When sodium is added to ethanol the compound produced is Sodium ethoxide while hydrogen gas is also liberated
  48. The general formula for alkanals or aldehydes is RCHO
  49. The general formula for alkanones or ketones is RCOR’ or R_{2}CO.
  50. The general formula for ether or alkyoxide is R-O-R
  51. The relative high boiling points of alcohols is due to the presence of hydrogen bond
  52. The products obtained when hydrocarbon is burned in the presence of excess air is water vapour and carbon(iv)oxide
  53. Sulphur is used for the vulcanization of rubber
  54. Ethanol is used as a solvent in perfume

Alright guys. Stay tuned for part two on jamb repeated questions and likely jamb questions and answers to pass jamb

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