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Jamb Caps Portal: What to know about Jamb

The Jamb Caps Portal also known as the Jamb Central admission processing system is a platform for marketing the activities involve with admission-how to accept and reject admission, login, e.t.c. we first write concerning Jamb itself before writing the article about Jamb Caps Portal

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions.The board conducts entrance Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities. The board is also charged with the responsibility to administer similar examinations for applicants to Nigerian public and private monotechnics, polytechnics, and colleges of educations. All of these candidates must have obtained the West Africa School Certificate, now West African Examinations Council, WAEC, or its equivalent, National Examination Council (Nigeria), NECO.

The pioneer Registrar was Mr. Michael Saidu Angulu who served from inception in 1978 to 1986

The general national entrance examination into the institution is prepared, coordinated and conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board in Nigeria and they inform universities of applicants’ scores before the specific university entrance examination called Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (P-UTME) or popularly known as an Aptitude test.

This screening test plays a big role in determining whether the candidate is qualified for admission into a particular course or not. In most cases, the applicant may be offered admission into a course other than his choice if he doesn’t meet the required scores in P-UTME. This is strictly based on the prerogative of the institution.


Jamb Caps: how well do I know it?

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) is a platform created to ensuring quality control, transparency and credibility of the admission process.

The Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) is expected to make provision for a ‘market place’  in the JAMB Portal where institutions can go and ‘request for students in Nigeria who score their cut off points.’

The system is such that institutions can only admit those who meet their cut off points. You can check University Cut off mark. If a candidate fails to meet the cut off mark, that student would certainly be denied admission irrespective of the candidate’s connection.

JAMB introduced new admission method which began in the year 2017. The process is called Jamb Central Admission Processing System (CAPS).

It is through Jamb CAPS you can check and accept Jamb admission. The watchword and motto of the introduction of Jamb Caps (CENTRAL ADMISSIONS PROCESSING SYSTEM) is “Empowering the Stakeholders…Enhancing Efficiency”

You may want to know the Procedures on how to accept or reject admission on Jamb Caps Portal click here

Jamb Caps Agenda

The following are the Agenda that guide the establishment of Jamb Caps Portal: 

  •  Why CAPS? Purpose & Objectives
  • Admissions Process Workflow
  •  Actors, Roles & Responsibilities
  • Challenges & Mitigants
  •  Critical Success Factors
  • Next Steps
  • Conclusion

Why Jamb Caps Portal?

The reason for Jamb caps is enumerated below:

  •  Addresses Current Challenges
  •  Delivers Benefits of Automation
  • Offers Significant Innovations

Current challenges of Jamb Caps

  • Undermines Autonomy of Institutions
  • Manual Process Prone to Errors
  • Laborious and Inefficient
  • Multiple Admissions for Candidates
  • Constrains Admissions Opportunities
  • Lack of Timely Information for Decision Making
  • Insufficiency of Easily Retrievable Data for Research &

Advantages of Jamb Caps

The existence of Jamb caps as a modern means of catering for the admission and other needs of student has received so many speculated so many benefits if it is judiciously utilised. The advantages include:

  • Restores Autonomy of Institutions
  • Protects Academic Calendar
  • Refocuses JAMB’s founding Ideals as Clearing House
  • Expands Admission Opportunities for Candidates
  • Provides Credible and Easily Retrievable Data for
    Researching & Planning on Education Sector
  • Access to Data for Research Purposes
  • Enhances Inclusiveness, Equity, Transparency &
    Accountability in the Admission Process

Further benefits of Jamb caps portal

  • Efficient Use of Time and Resources
  • Automation Minimises Human Errors
  • Eliminates Multiple Admissions
  • Significantly reduces Attrition Rate
  • Enforces Respect for Internal Rules & Discourages
  • Provides for Instant Admission
  • Makes Candidates the Central Focus

Some Innovations to the bargain

In the process of the establishment of the Jamb Caps Portal, some innovations were realised. They are:

  • O/L Results Upload, Requirement for Admission
  • Interface with NECO & WAEC for automated Results
  • Candidates’ Confirmation of Admission Offer
  • “Market Place” to Source Candidates
  • Automatic Enforcement of Admission Timelines

Jamb process workflow

Jamb on its own hand ensure that they put in an holistic approach towards ensuring that student who pass the necessary requirements are entitled admission to the University of their Choice. The Admission Process follow wordflow are:

1. Policy Meeting
2. User Profiles Creation on the System
3. Admission Parameters Setting on the System
4. Candidates Download by Institutions
5. Internal Processing by Institutions / Including Post
    UTME Screening
6. Upload of Post UTME Screening Results
7. Further Processing by Institutions                                            8. Systems Creating Suggested Admission List Based on the
    Institution’s Admission Criteria
9. Admission Officer Preparing Proposed List for Head of
    Institution’s Review and Approval
10. Institution Forwards Recommended List to JAMB Desk              Officer
11. Desk Officer Processes Recommended List and Generates        List of Provisional Admissions
12. JAMB Contacts Candidates to Accept or Decline Admission
13. If Candidate Accepts, Admission is concluded for                        Candidate
14. If Candidate Declines, s(he) is returned to Market Place for
      Possible Consideration by Other Institutions

Actors, Roles and Responsibilities of Jamb caps Portal

The following highlight mention the Roles, Actors and responsibilities of Jamb Caps Portal:

  • JAMB Conducts UTME and Makes Results Available to
  • Institutions Set Admission Criteria on the System
  • Admission Officer Downloads Candidates, Coordinates Internal
    Admission Process and Uploads Aggregate Results
  • Head of Institution Approves and Forwards Recommended List to JAMB
  • JAMB Approves List of Provisional Admissions and Contacts Candidates
  • Candidate Accepts or Declines Admission

Challenges, Risks and Mitigants of Jamb Caps Portal

  • Security:
  • Secure Technology
  • Strong User Authentication
  • Confidential & Individual Log-in Profile
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail of ALL activities
  • Fit-for-purpose:
  • Inputs from & Collaboration with Stakeholders
    (Admission Officers, Desk Officers & IT CAPS Team)
  • Agile Development Approach
  • Dual Mode Session
  • Knowledge/Capacity Gaps
  • Capacity Building
  • Comprehensive User Guide (Printed and Online)
  • Intuitive User Interface / Ease of Use
  • Parameters Setting to guide operations
  • Help Desk / Ticketing System for Support
  • Information & Awareness for ALL Stakeholders
  • Technology Challenge:
  • Simple but yet Cost Effective & Secure Technology
  • Offline Processing Capability by Institutions
  • Ease of Installing Updates & Upgrades

Jamb Caps Critical Success Factors

  • Ownership of The System by Stakeholders
  • Capacity Building in Institutions
  • Adherence to Admission Workflow
  • Sustainability (JAMB’s own Product)
  • Feedbacks and Continuous Improvement

Jamb Caps Portal anticipated and continuous achievements

  • Practical Training
  • System Settings: Carrying Capacity, Cut‐Off
    Marks, etc
  • Download of Candidates
  • Capacity Building in Institutions
  • Dual Processing
  • Feedbacks & Suggestions
  • Continuous Improvement

Poschools asks: Hope you found this helpful because in Poschools, by the special grace of God we are committed to giving correct information from a reliable source.

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