know and understand your Jamb central admission processing system(caps)

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Jamb caps login

Jamb caps login is a very important page in the Jamb website where stakeholders or students enter their details, these details include their E-mail address and their password. your E-mail is gotten after you have registered with any of the valid mail address like google mail, yahoo mail, hot mail, e.t.c. futhermore, in the Jamb registration process, your E-mail is synchronised with your Jamb details so that you would be able to use your E-mail details to open your Jamb account. Never forget that the word Jamb caps simply means Jamb central admission processing system. when you register for Jamb, the account given to you will be peculiar to you such that if you pass the cut off mark or when you score a mark required for admission then all other information pertaining to accepting or declining admission will be given or sent to your Jamb account. 

knowing my Jamb caps

Joint admission matriculation board central admission processing system refers to the Jamb central admission processing system. It is a system created so that the management can handle all admissions processes while the caps portal itself is the environment that houses the features of the Jamb central Admission processing.

the Jamb caps is targeted to ensure transparency, quality control, and credibility of the admission process. Caps is made room for what it can be referred to as the “market place” in the Jamb portal where all institution can tender their request for students in Nigeria who score the appropriate cut off points.

The system is designed in such a way that institutions can only admit those who scored their cut off points. if a candidate fails to score the required cut off mar, that candidate is automatically denied admission into a tertiary institution.

How to login into Jamb caps portal

As a bonafide stakeholder of Jamb I will be teaching you how to login into Jamb portal if you need any information as per admission status. this process is very easy and wont take up to several minutes to achieve. the steps include:

  • visit the official Jamb website login page at
  • Once on the page, you will see a dialogue box requesting for your “username” and “password”. seeing this you could type in those details in the box provided.
  • Afterthat, you can click login and allow the portal take you to the Jamb central admission processing system.
  • the new page you will now see is that of the Jamb central admission processing system where you can do whatsoever you want to do as per admission, registration, result printing. e.t.c.

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